Serafino Beconi
Sant’Anna; the Massacre



Serafino Becon

Serafino Beconi was born in Torre del Lago in 1925 and died in Viareggio in 1997. In 1943 he became old enough to serve in the forces but failed to respond to his call-up papers. He was arrested and deported. He managed to escape and returned to Torre del Lago where he remained in hiding until the arrival of the Americans forces. He joined the liberation movement in Tuscany and was a member of local anti-Fascist groups.
In 1945 he qualified as a teacher, a profession he would follow for the rest of his life, but as an artist he was self-taught. He exhibited for the first time in 1947 when he won first prize with his painting Black Love. He took part in numerous collective exhibitions and also mounted his own shows. His works are to be found in public spaces, including a terracotta bas-relief outside the church in Torre del Lago dedicated to two young men killed by the Nazi-Fascists.
He played a leading role in the cultural life of Versilia, founding the Versilia Artists Association in 1980 and in 1990 the periodical Sinopia which is still published today.