Sandro Luporini
The tension of looking




Sandro Luporini and Giorgio Gaber

“I met Gaber by chance in about 1959. If it’s luck we have to thank, I’d have to do that a lot in my life. But that meeting was very important, not just for the friendship and the respect I have for him as person, but also because it was the beginning of my new adventure. He was the youngest in our group of painters and he often came to see us in our shabby studios and we talked and talked and talked. Just for fun, we began to play about with some words which he set to music. The songs were neither good nor bad but they had the merit of being different and the nerve to be different. They were left in a drawer for quite a long time until Giorgio had the risky idea of getting off the usual circuits and trying the theatre. A series of pieces we’d written about a character called “Signor G” began timidly to appear before a real audience. By that I mean without the recorded applause you get on TV. From 1969 onwards, we were a team of writers. I have to tell you that you need a strong rapport and a special character to put up with someone for more than thirty years.”

Quarant’anni fra pittura e teatro. Forty years of painting and theatre. Introduction by Antonella Serafini in conversation with Sandro Luporini, Exhibition Catalogue, p.16