Pier Luigi Allegrini



Pier Luigi Allegrini

Pier Luigi Allegrini was born on 20 August 1934 in Lucca where he lives and works.
He is a full-time teacher of Drawing and Art History in public schools and began painting at the beginning of the sixties.
As an artist, he has won numerous important prizes including the Corciano Prize (Perugia), the Alessandra Conti Prize (Bologna), the Ciuffenna Prize (Arezzo), the Rana d’Oro (Siena), the Panzano Prize (Florence), the Morazzone (Varese), the Conero (Ancona), the Chianciano Prize for painting, the Senate of the Republic Gold Medal (Marina di Ravenna). He was placed first in the exhibition Contemporary Tuscan Painters by the judges of the Municipal Arts League of Chicago (USA).
Many perceptive art critics, such as Enzo Carli, Armando Nocentini, Calude Dargy, Mario De Micheli and Leopoldo Paciscopi have praised his work, as have important artists such as Domenico Purificato, Enrico Paolucci and Gastone Freddo.
He has been invited to exhibit in numerous international exhibitions including the International Fiorino Biennale for Art, the national exhibition Art and Sport in Florence and the International Menton Biennale in France.
In December 1970, after receiving important recognition in the City of Imperia National Prize, he was invited by the city to put on a large individual show in the Civic Gallery of Modern Art.
His works are to be found in public and private collections.