Luciano Bonuccelli
Photographs 1977-2000



Luciano Bonuccelli

Luciano Bonuccelli was born in Camaiore in 1954 and lives in Massarosa. He has a degree in medicine and practises in Viareggio and Lucca.
He has been a photographer for more that twenty-five years and his images quickly placed him among the masters of this art on account of their technical quality and personal language.
His first exhibition was in 1975. In 1978 he took part in a study-meeting with the photographer Roberto Salmitani which led him to explore the greater potential of photographic language. In 1990, he and his friend Giuseppe Altemura produced a book of photographs of Lucca, published by Maria Pacini Fazzi with a preface by Guglielmo Petroni. His friendship with the poet Raffaele Carrieri was fundamental and lasted until the latter’s death.
Between 1979 and 1987 he made a photographic analysis of the social and environmental changes brought about by the building of a road through the village of Metato (Camaiore), which had previously been accessible only by a mule track. Since 1977 he has been studying the introduction of new architectural elements in the countryside where he was born. Since 1987 he has been taking photographs of pediments in Lucca and also making a series of portraits of contemporary artists.
His individual shows include: 1988 in Viareggio (Palazzo Paolina) and Livorno (Palazzo Pendola) with a cycle called Pietre di Mare [Sea Stones] which was accompanied by a publication introduced by Luigi Cavallo; 1989 in Venice (Spazio Sottosopra); in 1991 Pier Carlo Santini introduced his collection of photographs entitled Le occasioni dell’effimero. Immagini della Versilia [Causes of the ephemeral. Images of Versilia]; in 1998 he exhibited in San Donato (Modern Art Gallery), and in the same year, Enzo Carli and Alberto Olivetti introduced his Portraits of Federico Zeri at Siena University; in 1998 and 2000 he had exhibitions in Florence in the Palazzo Vecchio 2 Art Gallery and Il Bisonte Gallery respectively.