Elisa’s Day
Public and private life of a princess




Exhibition statistics:
Visitors: 23,000
Days open: 56
Daily average: 410 (during the weekend of the first of January, more than 1,500 people visited the exhibition)
The second exhibition in the project Napoleone ed Elisa: segni della presenza in Toscana [Napoleon and Elisa: the marks they left in Tuscany] was also a great success with the general public and was visited by local people, Italian and foreign tourists (English, Japanese, French, American, German, Spanish, etc) travelling individually or in groups, combining the exhibition with sightseeing in Lucca, as well as Napoleon specialists, and students and schoolchildren from the Province of Lucca and neighbouring provinces.
For Lucca, it was an unprecedented success. In just two months of being open, the number of visitors was exceeded only by the crowds at the Comics Exhibition and Market.

With the two exhibitions in the Napoleone ed Elisa: segni della presenza in Toscana project together, the Palazzo Ducale opened its doors in the name of Elisa to more than 38,000 visitors in thirteen months.