Folon in Lucca




For the exhibition organised by the Province of Lucca in the Palazzo Ducale, Jean Michel Folon expressed a wish to create a work for the Province, a bronze sculpture of a panther in the act of leaping. He called it Vivre (Living) on account of the vitality the panther represents and in honour of the vitality of culture in Lucca.
For the exhibition in Lucca, Folon suggested certain items he had created and which were in his personal collection. He explained that the Bait – objects made by assembling pieces and turning them into tiny tribal masks – had been suggested by a friend who went swimming every day to clean a little bit of some areas off the French Riviera. As he did so, he collected hooks used to catch octopus and gave them to Folon. This was how they came to be used to make the details of the little masks exhibited in Lucca.