Pietre - Aristide Coluccini



Aristide Coluccini

Aristide Coluccini was born on 17 June 1915, in Monte Preti di Valdicastello. He was brought up by his mother, his father having been reported missing and presumed dead in action on the upper plain near Asiago.
He was educated at the High School in Pietrasanta and then at the Senior High School in Florence, both of which specialised in art. He completed his art studies in Carrara and Rome, where he attended the nude school run by the Artists’ Association in Via del Babbuino.
In 1944 he was in Valdicastello and was an involuntary, shocked witness to the rage and ferocity that the Germans inflicted on the ordinary people of Sant'Anna and neighbouring villages.
From the end of the war until his death in 1977, he taught art in lower middle schools, first in Castelnuovo Garfagnana, then in Viareggio and finally in Pietrasanta, where his teaching methods were lively and creative and very innovative for those times.
In 1951 he married Gina, his guardian spirit, the heart of his home and his guide in life. 1963 saw the birth of his son Antonio, the child they had longed for but despaired of ever having. His relationship with his son was always very close, especially after the sudden death of his wife in January 1976. It was his art that comforted him in his great grief as can be seen in his enormous output in 1976 and 1977.
A profoundly cultured man of many interests, he was a friend of Mario Tobino, Elpidio Jenco, Arturo Dazzi and other artists and intellectuals of the time. His friendships were genuine, in keeping with his vivid, sincere humanity, and he had little time for drawing room or fashionable society.
His last individual show was in September 1977 in the Public Gallery in Forte dei Marmi.
He died in a car accident on 15 October 1977.

From “Per una biografia” by Lucia Bramanti