A Poet’s Workshop




A Poet’s Workshop, together with the conference Giovanni Pascoli: dalla scuola al pubblico [Giovanni Pascoli: from school to the general public] and the exhibition Un poeta laureato e un poeta bibliotecario: Giovanni Pascoli and Gabriele Brigantini [A graduate poet and a librarian poet: Giovanni Pascoli and Gabriele Brigantini] is the last exhibition in the Province’s Memories of the 20th Century project dedicated to the fertile relationship between Giovanni Pascoli and the Lucca area.
The exhibitions, Giovanni Pascoli and the Serchio Valley at Barga, Castelnuovo Garfagnana and In Castelvecchio Pascoli, showed the relationship between the poet and the Garfagnana through the work of painters directly or indirectly inspired by the countryside and Pascoli’s poetic ideas, and through poetic references to emigration and documents in the Cresci Collection, recently acquired by the Province.
The purpose of this exhibition is to enter Pascoli’s poetic workshop and explore his creative process and the painful stages of writing.
Exhibited for the first time are numerous examples of the poet’s tools from his house in Castelvecchio where they are now preserved.
Fourteen showcases display autograph material, both prose and verse in Italian and Latin, composed at different stages of his life. These represent a significant legacy for only a few scholars but are valuable for anyone interested in feeling close to the creative miracle that produced the masterpieces to which the poetry of the 20th century owes so much.