Luigi De Servi
Portrait of the Artist




Luigi De Servi personifies features of the Lucchese character. Lively, active, collector, aesthete and emigrant who used his interest in antiques and his art as a way of getting to know the world, from Lucca to Buenos Aires, Paris to London and to Genoa, and finally returning to Lucca.
Born the son of an artist, Luigi De Servi was the epitome of an artist of his time, painting fashionable society and bourgeois commissions, family series and portraits of the famous, his style developing from the classical tones of his early work, first into romanticism and then to the verismo of his mature years.
This exhibition began with scrupulous research and cataloguing of his work. Luigi De Servi 1863-1945. Ritratto d’Artista has been a cultural opportunity to find out about the artist and his versatile, tireless career. Careful technical analysis of his works and documents has made it possible to restore the complexity of his endless production of paintings and to allow scholars and art lovers to become acquainted with a painter who found himself deeply immersed in the artistic, social and economic problems of a significant section of society and the changes that it underwent at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.