Sandro Luporini
The tension of looking




The eye performs the miracle of opening up to the soul what the soul is not:
the merry realm of things and their god, light.” Marcel Marleau-Ponty

For the first time, Sandro Luporini’s varied artistic experiences are put side by side: words and images, painter and author, whose work was first linked to the music of Giorgio Gaber in the seventies.
This eclecticism reflects the special quality of the artist whose painting is influenced by the schools of Existential Realism and Metacosa while he himself is solitary and reserved. Luporini has ranged over the history of the area while keeping absolute faith with his interpretation of art and the artist, with a coherence that has, on the one hand, excluded him from a wider market but, on the other, always placed him in a free, positive position as regards the critics.
The conjunction of thought and naturalness, broken down into pure landscape tones and reinterpreted by the metaphysics of thought and dream – the unexpected appearance of solitary, faceless figures – is the distinctive and distinguishing element of his painting and characterises his first experience of Milan since his return to his native Viareggio.
Luporini also gives us back an image of our area: one that is solitary, introspective, almost insubstantial, yet dense with references, moods and states of mind that take no part in the summer clamour.