The Magical Art of Francesco Tomassi




In this exhibition, Francesco Tomassi continues along the road that gives expression to his vocation for painting, making his work more widely known to the critics and the general public who are increasingly alert to and interested in his themes.
Francesco Tomassi’s artistic output is characterised by his personal development of several important twentieth-century masters, his observation of the restlessness and tensions of the contemporary age and his attempt to respond to man’s ruinous relationship with nature and culture, not by running away but rather by a ceaseless search for a varco, to quote the poet Montale, an “opening” into a basic, essential reality. It is interesting to compare this Francesco Tomassi with Tomassi the architect, known for such projects as the Library in the Scuola Normale University and the Palazzo Congressi in Pisa, and the very recent Viareggio Carnival Cittadella, examples that reveal the way that Tomassi understands space and volume directed at encounter and exchange and maintaining an equilibrium that always involves harmony and human centrality. In his painting, the humanism evident in his architecture becomes tension and a constant quest for a deeply-felt, unquiet, unwearied authenticity.