Virio Bresciani
The Harsh and the Human




The decision to mount a retrospective exhibition of works by Virio Bresciani in the staterooms in the Palazzo Ducale in Lucca came from a desire to make this local painter and his life and work better known through his self-portraits and images of his much-loved Versilia to which he is deeply attached. This event continued the Province of Lucca’s cultural policy of promoting artists who have helped to create Versilia’s identity.
The exhibition presented works by Bresciani that are characterised by the drama of solitude, the result of his scornful refusal to compromise, and at the same time, his need to proclaim to the world that it must find deeper and more lasting truth in the things of life.
For Virio Bresciani, painting was first and foremost an interpretation of the human condition and an attempt to counter the artificiality of daily life which imposes the slavery of society, the law and convention. After living in Milan for a long time, he came back to his birthplace and produced these moving and challenging images of the Versilia countryside, such as Resti di pic-nic [Picnic Remains] or descriptions of the futility of human effort as in Manichino nella discarica [Tailor’s Dummy in the Rubbish Dump], works that reflect his interior torment and his anger at man’s shameful pollution of nature. Images of our world given back to us with Bresciani’s calm sadness describing the more fleeting pain of modern life, show the truth in a way that enters the heart and mind of each of us and offers a new way of seeing and interpreting our own familiar space.