The Eye, the Ear, the Heart
Music in the imagination of contemporary artists




The exhibition The Eye, the Ear and the Heart is a thoughtful incursion into the terrain of contemporary actuality and the debate on the presence and role of art in the context of global culture, in relation to music, the art closest to the hearts of the younger generation all over the world. An incursion that specifically examines a particular event in the context of contemporary Italian art, whose provocative nature aroused interest at the last Venice Biennale. Promoting Italian art at the present time has a powerful symbolic significance because, together with the success of Italian Style in Europe and the rest of the world, contemporary Italian art has emerged from widespread imitation of foreign experiences and found renewed originality.
The artists taking part in this exhibition, by returning to painting as their technique and the figurative as their style, offer the language of a shared project experienced as feeling and belonging to a way of feeling that is of their generation. A generation that grew up in the 1990s and the beginning of this century.
Music is the chosen theme. The music that permeates every human communication experience – the language of television, advertising and cinema which commonly clothes the intimacy of human relationships. Lucca, the place selected for this exhibition, is known as a city of music, the birthplace of major Italian composers – Catalani, Boccherini, Puccini – and now host to important musical events, including the Summer Festival, on whose stage some of the real icons of the history of music have performed including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Elton John, David Bowie, the Eagles, Peter Gabriel, Keith Jarrett, Joe Cocker and many others.