Jubilee Year 2000

The restoration of the Palazzo Ducale in Lucca was a focal point for the Provincial Government’s operative policy of reinstating its institutional and cultural visibility or creating it where it did not exist.
The project involved physical and functional restoration of the Palazzo with the reopening of external and internal itineraries and the knocking down of architectural barriers.
A new special office called the Palazzo Fabric Office was created to act as the project’s management centre.

The total cost of the works, €6,416,910, was paid for through two main sources:
- 70% from Jubilee funds made available by having the project inserted in the Jubilee 2000’s Plan for projects outside Lazio
- 30% from the issue of ordinary Provincial bonds

The project’s aim was to remove physical and functional obsolescence through conservation work on the building already begun by the Provincial government with the restoration of the Ammannati Gallery and the Guard Room, also called the Ademollo Room.

Restoration work in the Palazzo was accompanied by a cultural programme called the Open Palazzo and the building site became a cultural workshop open to events that would encourage collective participation in the work.