Galleria Immagini

Restoration of the courtyards

The Palazzo Ducale is set out around two courtyards, one to the south called the Cortile degli Svizzeri (the Courtyard of the Swiss Guards) and the other to the north, Cortile Carrara, named after Francesco Carrara.
Reorganisation of the external space allowed the courtyards to be reassessed according to a design that was both harmonious and suitable for pedestrian use, with removal of asphalt surfaces and the creation of paved spaces, gravelled with the architectural concrete method. Changing the electrical system meant that ground lighting could be installed in the Cortile Carrara.

Restoration also involved external fittings, namely, wall plates, plaques and the bronze statue on a marble base of Francesco Carrara.

The Carriage Way, the large rectangular space covered by a coffered barrel vault that links the two courtyards designed by Lorenzo Nottolini, was restored both as regards the plaster surfaces and the parts in verrucano stone. The walkway linking the Cortile Carrara with Piazza San Romano was also renovated.