Restoration of the Parade Ground

Restoration of the Parade Ground Rooms, the deputation apartment historically used for the sovereign’s official functions, was directed at making the large rooms suitable for reopening them to the public, with tours of the Palazzo’s interior, and creating rooms equipped for hosting cultural events.
Restoration work involved:

  • repairing and conserving pictorial decoration and plasterwork;
  • restoring stone-chip, terracotta brick and terrazzo floors;
  • restoring coffered ceilings;
  • cleaning marble and stone features (fireplaces, doorways and stairs);
  • restoring wooden doors and bronze elements;
  • complete renewal of the electrical system with new light fittings;
  • installation of central heating.

The Grand Parade Rooms have been decorated with curtains and wall coverings in the colours documented in the General Inventory of Silverware, Furniture and Furnishings in the Royal Palace in Lucca drawn up during the Bourbon Duchy.