Galleria Immagini

Ammannati Gallery

The Ammannati Gallery, called after the architect who designed it, consists of a large rectangular loggia between Piazza Napoleone and the Cortile degli Svizzeri. The floor, as in the Manservants’ Room and the Footmen’s Room, is made of old square blocks of terracotta and the windowsills are in sandstone. The 16th-century ceiling is wood-panelled with painted and stuccoed coffers. The windows and the doorway have architectural frames and features (columns, arches and balusters) in sandstone. The walls are plastered and have painted decorative grotesques framed in stuccowork.

The paintwork had been done with mixed techniques and was seriously affected by loss of colour, detachment of the paint surface, surface damage and heavy-handed repainting in tempera. The work involved completing the restoration that had been begun by the Provincial Administration in the two previous years.

Restoring the decoration was carried out in the following stages: consolidation of the paint surface with injections of resin by syringe, medium-weight Japanese paper having first been applied and removed after the appropriate adhesion time; consolidation with injections of compositions of mineral mortar compatible with the properties of the original plaster after vacuum removal of powdery dust; cleaning and exposing the original colours with cellulose paste pads with ammonium carbonate and dabbing with cotton wool soaked in demineralised water; plastering damaged areas, gaps and holes, and removing repairs that were not compatible with the original paintwork and finishing with aged lime putty; finishing touches.