Galleria Immagini

Guard Room

The Guard Room is also known as the Ademollo Room after the artist who painted the 1820 wall frescoes with scenes from the life of Emperor Trajan. It has a 16th-century panelled ceiling with painted and stuccoed coffers. The original floor is in terrazzo. The five doorways and the steps of the two windows overlooking the Cortile degli Svizzeri are in marble. The walnut doors are decorated with gilded bronze.

Restoration work involved:

  • completing the restoration of the frescoed surfaces already begun on the north wall by the Provincial Government and restoring the panelled ceiling; notes on methods
  • cleaning and consolidating the marble elements; notes on methods
  • restoring the wooden doors treated with wax varnish; notes on methods
  • making a usable floor surface in jute and plaster painted to reproduce the decorative motif of the original terrazzo floor beneath;
  • renewing the electrical system and installing a hanging rail with adjustable lighting;
  • supplying and hanging curtains.