Galleria Immagini

The Sovereign’s Study

The room called the Sovereign’s Study is rectangular and its vaulted ceiling has at its centre a fresco by the painter Domenico Del Frate narrating the Stories of Apollo. Prior to restoration work, the walls were flat-washed in a single colour, the original silk wallcovering having been removed before the Palazzo was transferred to the Province in 1867. The floor is in terrazzo. The four doors are in walnut and splendidly decorated with bronze bas-reliefs showing Victory and Fame, continuing the iconographic theme of the room which celebrates the cultural gifts of the Sovereign who had her study here. The frames and steps of the windows that overlook the Cortile degli Svizzeri are in marble. The fireplace is in white marble with a gilded bronze bas-relief in its architrave and the surround is tiled with blue and white majolica with rosettes and amphorae. The dado has pictorial decoration.

The work involved:

  • restoring the pictorial decorations on the frieze and ceiling; notes on methods
  • restoring the painted terrazzo floor; notes on methods
  • cleaning and consolidating the marble frames, steps and the fireplace and its bronze elements; notes on methods
  • restoring the wax-treated walnut doors and bronze decorations; notes on methods
  • renewing the electrical system and installing new lighting above the cornice;
  • supplying and hanging wallcovering and curtains in fireproof fabric.