Galleria Immagini

Open construction site

Restoration work at the Palazzo was linked to a cultural project called Open Palazzo with the site becoming an open cultural workshop for events to encourage collective participation in the public works.

The main programme included:

  • Teaching and education projects
    Guided visits and on-site meetings and interdisciplinary in-service courses in the Palazzo Fabric Offices (the Jubilee Workshop project).
  • Planning the image
    Development of creative graphics coordinated with creating the project’s logo; projecting the site’s image through the creation of a virtual fašade made of a PVC net reproducing the essential architectural features of the Palazzo in two colours.
  • Artistic and cultural events
    Memory Piazzas, a virtual art performance using the fašade covering as a projection screen; Art Workshop: artists’ exhibition at the Palazzo: the seventy windows on the virtual fašade were turned into picture frames for works selected by competition; Buy a window, public auction of the works on the fašade in aid of Kosovo.
  • Multimedia communication: creation of a website dedicated to the history and restoration of the Palazzo.