Galleria Immagini

Restoration 2001-2002

The important restoration work in the Palazzo begun during Jubilee Year in 2000 led to the reopening of the Parade Apartments to the public and restoration of the fabric and functions of the internal and external spaces. In order to carry on with restoration work and protect the parts restored in 2001-2002, the work of routine and special maintenance, restoration and conservation were continued.
These operations involved in particular:

  • The building to the south of the Cortile Carrara, then used as offices and the headquarters of the Carabinieri, including repairing the roof, creating a new operations centre, reorganising some rooms on the third floor and rearranging the attics in the Colonel’s offices.
  • The frescoed cupola and tambour in the access room on the second floor of the Prefecture: repairs to the fresco including fixing, desalination, cleaning the colours, plastering damaged areas and gaps, final restoration and completion with pale velatura.
  • Prefecture Offices. Special maintenance to rebuild the toilets and paint the rooms a different colour.
  • Renovation of the service rooms in the former courtroom and the rooms on the ground floor on the north side of the Cortile Carrara (press office).
  • Renovation of rooms on the second floor next to the Parade Apartments corridor and the antechamber to the President’s rooms. Restoration of the decorations and original colours on walls and ceiling and restoration of wooden features and modernisation of equipment.