Galleria Immagini Prima, Durante e Dopo

Civil Appeal Court

The room called the Civil Appeal Court was the result of changes made in the west part of the Palazzina in Cortile Carrara in 1871-1872. The objective of these works projected by the architect Bernardino Poli was to create a small Law Court according to contemporary standards of efficiency. It housed the Appeal Court until 1920.

The purpose of the works was conservative restoration of the building through a rigorous philological recovery of the surfaces coupled with thorough historical archive research. The work was completed in July 2004. In particular, restoration work involved:

  • diagnostic research into the warping of the wood in the ceiling and lathing, checking the structure, consolidating and removing detritus, guano and dust;
  • finding and restoring the original colours on wall and ceiling surfaces; notes C
  • cleaning, consolidating and repairing parts of the faux marble;
  • restoring terrazzo floors by removing faulty maintenance work, repairing and reconstructing  damaged or missing areas, consolidation and final surface treatments; notes G
  • restoring the four doors in gloss painted wood with pure gold decoration; notes F
  • removing the existing electrical system and supplying and installing lighting with remote controls, loudspeakers and equipment so that the room can be used for meetings.