Galleria Immagini Prima, Durante e Dopo

Deliberation Rooms, Reception Room and Secretary’s Room

The rooms on the first floor of the Palazzina on the west side of Cortile Carrara, now the President’s offices, were the result of works carried out in 1871 and 1872 according to architect Bernardino’s Poli’s reorganisation plans.
The works were divided into three stages, starting with the Council Chamber on the south side, continuing thereafter with the central room and finishing with the north room in July 2004. In particular, the restoration works involved:

  • removing wallpaper to expose the decoration underneath followed by consolidating the original areas and repainting missing parts; repainting the remaining ceiling and wall surfaces; notes
  • cleaning marble sections: doorways, floors, door sills, and stairs; notes
  • restoring gloss-painted doors with pure gold decoration; notes
  • removing existing electricity system and supplying and installing remote control lighting and equipment suitable for the intended purpose of the room.