Galleria Immagini

Palazzo Ducale, a Living Monument

The Province’s planning and financial commitment to complete the restoration of the Palazzo Ducale, which continued in 2002-2004 with work carried out on the rooms on the first floor of Lorenzo Nottolini’s New Palazzina and restoration of the west wall in the Cortile degli Svizzeri, allowed the Provincial Government to access the funding provided in the Long-term Programme for Important Works in the Cultural Assets Sector of the Region of Tuscany. Of the total cost of €2,327,462 the Province was awarded financing of €1,396,477.25 to complete the restoration and development of the Palazzo spaces by identifying new internal tours.

The new restoration works began in June 2004. These were estimated to last a year and mainly involved Nottolino’s New Palazzina. The Criminal Hearings Room on the ground floor, restored and equipped with modern facilities, is to be used as a conference room. Restoration of the original decoration in the spaces into which the Palazzina is divided will complete the programme of restoration works. The works planned for the walls that currently subdivide Elisa’s private theatre will lead to a greater historical and artistic understanding of this room. Reconstruction of the fire escape will legalise a number of offices as regards evacuation. Installations in the Chapel of Santa Maria della Rotonda will upgrade its use to that of a small exhibition area. Finally, creation of a Welcome Centre will give the Palazzo an efficient support structure for cultural activities in the staterooms.