The former Assize Courtroom

This room was created in the second half of the nineteenth century to house the Assize Court and is currently used for meetings and exhibitions. Its function will be enhanced by creating a room appropriately furnished and equipped with suitable installations.

Restoration plans include:

  • restoring and reinstating the terrazzo floor; notes on methods
  • removing damage on the walls caused by rising damp with electrology techniques that invert the polarity of the water with non-harmful electromagnetic waves;
  • finding the original colours and any decorations on the walls and ceiling and restoring them; notes on methods
  • cleaning, consolidation and final protection of marble and stone elements; notes on methods
  • restoring the wooden structures of the intermediate floor including the panelled framework, the wooden external and internal doors and windows, the iron fanlights and original hanging lamps;
  • installing a new electrical system conform to current regulations and suitable for the new use of the rooms;
  • installing air-conditioning.