Galleria Immagini

Furnishings, decoration and communication

The enormous restoration programme for 2003-2005 was linked to work aimed at safeguarding the decoration of the Palazzo and deciding on permanent internal furnishings by restoring pieces of furniture of historical and artistic worth already in the Province’s possession and by the purchase of new furniture.
The Operations, Logistics and Decoration Unit was created within the Palazzo Fabric Office in 2004 to be responsible for ensuring that the decoration was under constant surveillance, that work was immediately done to safeguard it and for the fitting out of the Palazzo Ducale in Lucca.

Restoration was also linked to an internal and external communication and signs project for the Palazzo which included:

  • creating a coordinated image of the Palazzo, including in relation to the cultural activities that take place there. A logo was designed for this purpose. Choice focused on a prominent architectural feature in the Palazzo, namely, a Serlian window in the Ammannati Gallery, and an abstraction of its essential lines reproduced in two colours with the Province name is now the logo;
  • putting up external signs to the Palazzo to direct visitors. The picture on the signs is coordinated with billboards and the large board with information about daily activities in each room in the Palazzo;
  • putting up direction and information signs inside the Palazzo; putting up signs in terms of legislative decree 493 of 14 August 1996 regarding minimum requirements for health and safety signs in workplaces.

The communication programme also provides for developing paper and multimedia means of promoting the Palazzo.