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Galleria Immagini

The Footmen’s Room

The Footmen’s Room is the first in the parade area. The imposing sixteenth-century coffered ceiling was partially tampered with to remove emblems of the Republic of Lucca. The painted panels have classical motifs and there are painted rosettes at the centre of the mirrors. In the frieze at the top of the walls, festoons alternate with heraldic panthers supporting the emblem of the Republic of Lucca. The design of the sandstone portal is attributed to Bartolomeo Ammannati. A long braid runs through the central part of the portal’s moulding touching five marble statuary scrolls. The emblem of the Republic of Lucca is shown in the scrolls at the bottom and the two at the top show the city’s patron saints, St Peter and St Paolino. In the central scroll are the initials S.P.Q.L., Senatus Popolusque Lucensium. On the wall are the remains of a fresco by Pietro Testa, The Liberty of Lucca conquers Time, painted between 1633 and 1637. The fresco was previously in the lunette of the west gate of the Cortile degli Svizzeri from where it was removed in 1976, in a bad state of disrepair.