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Galleria Immagini

The Ammannati Loggia

Designed by Bartolomeo Ammannati, the Loggia is one of the elements in the complex programme for reconstructing the Palazzo. The building was required to close the present Cortile degli Svizzeri and was designed to be the entrance of honour to the Palazzo. In appearance, the Loggia is a majestic gallery overlooking Piazza Napoleone with its sandstone windows giving it light. To the east, three mullioned windows with balustrades with little turned columns alternate with two classical windows while on the west are five mullioned windows. The sixteenth-century floor is covered with large polygonal terracotta slabs. The coffered ceiling is also attributed to Bartolomeo Ammannati. The five deeply sunk panels are emphasised by rows of corbels with rosettes and cornices in a variety of decorative forms. The structural nodes are highlighted with more rosettes carved with jutting pyramids. Within the windows are the original decorative grotesques.