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Galleria Immagini

The Chamberlain's Room

The room named after the Chamberlains – this was the title given to members of the nobility who had the privilege of belonging to the court – is dominated by decorated stucco ceiling created by Paoli and Guidotti. Divided into geometric panels, it has at its centre a rosette of acanthus leaves surrounded by the name Maria Luisa Borbone, who commissioned it. From the geometry of the central circle set in a square, we pass to the rectangular form of the room by means of extended panels with vine leaves, festoons and masks. On the short sides, two pairs of putti support vases and garlands. The frieze of the ceiling is divided into twelve panels with ornamental groups of arms in each of the four corners. On the long sides, two pairs of griffins with acanthus volutes face the goddess Pallas Athena, protectress of letters and peace. On the short sides, two scenes testify to the magnanimity and greatness of the Emperor Charles V. The four doors are of walnut wood with decorations in gilded bronze, and above them are stucco allegories of Justice with her sword and scales, Victory with laurel and palm branch, Temperance with her reins and Prudence with the serpent and trumpet.
The dado that runs the entire length of the room shows alternating classical elements in stucco such as tripods, shields and arms. The composite marble floor in three colours is inlaid with the lilies of the Borbone family. The white marble fireplace is decorated with two heads of Minerva and two torches in gilded bronze. The design is probably that of Lorenzo Nottolini. The interior of the fireplace is covered with majolica.