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Galleria Immagini

Throne Room

The Throne Room, as Tommaso Trenta refers to it in his Guida del forestiere per la città e il contado di Lucca in 1820, is dominated by the great ceiling with a tempera painting by Domenico Del Frate (c.1765-1821) showing in the centre a personification of Wisdom enthroned on clouds and surrounded by four virtues: Justice with scales and sword, Temperance with reins and a cupid, Prudence looking at herself in a mirror and Strength with a lion and weapons of war. At each corner of the central painting four putti in tondos with a gold background support the Exploits of the Borbone Family: the Crown, recalling the Kingdom of Etruria of which Maria Luisa had been queen; the Castile Tower; the Sceptre and the Armorial bearings of the orders of knighthood which had been conferred on the Borbones. The monochrome friezes in faux stucco also depict the family’s heraldic symbols amongst festoons of flowers, fruit and candelabra. The dado has monochrome decoration with festoons of laurel and crowns of oak, plants symbolising glory and strength. Here the monarch gave audiences and received credentials from ambassadors. On the east wall, there are two busts by the sculptor Norfini in 1889: above is one of Antonio Mordini, vice-president of the Provincial Council from 1887 to 1889, and below is one of the Lucchese lawyer, Francesco Carrara.