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Cortile Francesco Carrara and Cortile degli Svizzeri

The north courtyard in the Palazzo Ducale is named after the celebrated Lucchese jurist Francesco Carrara, and in 1891 the statue of him by Augusto Passaglia was placed there between two flowerbeds which were still not documented at the end of the nineteenth century.
Historically, the Cortile degli Svizzeri to the south was the centre of the Palazzo in that it is in this area that Castruccio Castracani’s Palatium stood with its internal courtyard and drill yard. Its present name comes from the barracks on the south side where the Swiss Guards, a mercenary military corps, were accommodated when they were employed to defend Lucca towards the end of the eighteenth century.
The passage connecting the two courtyards, called the Carriage Way, was created during alteration works in the Palazzo which were designed and directed by the Court Architect Lorenzo Nottolini during the time of the Bourbon Duchy. The original plans, which were faithfully carried out, are now preserved in the State Archive in Lucca.