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Nottolini's Palazzina

The idea of closing the west side of the Cortile Carrara was already indicated in Ammannati’s plans and later revived by the architect Juvarra, but in fact the project was not completed until the eighteenth century. The Government in Lucca had already purchased Casa Macarini for this purpose in the sixteenth century, this house corresponding to the south part of the Palazzina, where kitchens and other services for the Elders’ apartments were installed. The appearance of the Palazzo, however, remained unchanged even after construction of the north wing between 1724 and 1744. Maria Luisa Borbone bought Casa Totti and a part of Casa Mansi and demolished them in order to close the northeast front of the Cortile. This project was assigned to Lorenzo Nottolini who put it into effect while preserving the Church of Santa Maria della Rotonda and the little Court Theatre. The Villa was completed in 1834 and made into the offices of the Private Royal Secretariat of the Cabinet and the State Council. The terrace that opened on to Cortile Carrara was demolished in order to create (between 1870 and 1872) the two apartments that were to accommodate the Court of Assize on the ground floor and the Court of Appeal on the first floor, plans for these being prepared by Bernardino Poli. This involved modifying and distributing space for the offices required by the courtrooms, according to contemporary standards of efficiency. When the Court of Assize was abolished, the space on the first floor was occupied by the offices of the Presidency and the Administrative Council of the Province.