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Deliberation Room, Reception Room and Secretary's Chamber

In Bernardino Poli’s 1870 plans for alterations within the New Palazzina, the first floor areas with fifty-eight rooms were to become the Appeal Court and its offices. Part of this project included the complete rebuilding of the room which is now occupied by the President’s secretarial staff.
From the 1868 plans and more particularly from the description prepared in 1872 at the time when the Provincial buildings occupied by the Royal Appeal Court and the King’s Prosecutor were handed over to the Prefect, we know what works were carried out in the three rooms called the Secretary’s Room, the Reception Room and the Deliberation Chamber.

The Secretary’s Room (now the Council Chamber) had a painted ceiling, the walls were covered with green and gold French paper from Valentino Betti in Lucca, and the chequered floor was varnished. It had no fireplace and was heated with a clay stove painted in purpled bronze with a metal pipe fixed in the wall.

The Reception Room (now the President’s Office) had a painted ceiling and the walls were covered with pale French paper with gold flowers from Valentino Betti in Lucca. The floor was “coloured with oil and varnished” and the room had a fireplace in white marble with bas-relief.

The Deliberation Chamber (now the room for the secretarial staff). The works in this room were more ambitious and involved rebuilding the perimeter walls It had a trellised ceiling with stucco frieze, plasterwork and a “coloured and varnished chequered” floor.
The room had a marble fireplace, a chiaroscuro ceiling, a dado and a work by the painter Antonio Ghilardi. The walls were covered with red paper with gold flowers.